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MR & MRS CLARK: F.E.A.R (Ages 16+)
F.E.A.R.  - A Mr & Mrs Clark production

22 - 24 March, 7.45pm

Tickets £13, Reductions £11

(F.E.A.R.) is a one-man show about constructed fear. It asks directly if the world want us to feel safe. (F.E.A.R.) is a brave, revealing and at times hilarious one-man tour of early child hood memories to midlife identity crisis delivered directly to the audience in a revealing and close up manner.

In this life story, that encapsulates early childhood memories and public information films, a clear and ever more fevered narrative unearths the fears of a middle aged man plagued with the news of Islamic State attacks, the revelations of Edward Snowden, the rise of UKIP and of a growing concern of physical decay. 
Described as 'a powerful blast of theatre', (F.E.A.R.) allows the audience to witness the vulnerability of a solo male performer in full confessional mode. Expect a rollercoaster of dark humour and powerful story telling that becomes ever more fevered and uneasy when discussing the uncertainties of Brexit, state security and dysfunctional ageing. 

Mr and Mrs Clark follow up their Amnesty International award nominated show Smash It Up with another powerful performance questioning the way we live. (F.E.A.R.) is once again a timely piece of theatre that aims to analyse and discuss the constant fear we live with from day to day and its political ramifications. 
‘A powerful blast of theatre’ ***** The Sprout
‘Uncomfortable, hilarious, powerfully honest’ – Social Media 
‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself’ – Franklin D. Roosevelt
Written and Performed by Gareth Clark 
Directed and Developed by Agnieszka Blonska
Choreography by Marega Palser 
Visuals by Andrew Rock 
22/03/2017 to 24/03/2017
MACBETH (12A): Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru (Cinema Screening with English subtitles)

Thursday 30thMarch at 7.45pm (Encore screening with English subtitles)

Tickets - £11, concessions - £9

Running time - 2 and a half hours


Theatr Gen Byw

Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru mewn partneriaeth â Cadw a gyda chefnogaeth gan Chapte

“Hyll yw’r teg, a theg yw’r hyll; Hofran yn yr aflan niwl a’r gwyll.”

Mae brenin yr Alban wedi gwobrwyo ei filwr mwyaf disglair yn hael. Ond mae bodau goruwchnaturiol wedi darogan i Macbeth anrhydedd lawer mwy. Pan fo ei wraig ddidostur yn gwirioni ar addewid o bŵer di-ben-draw, gan annog uchelgais cythreulig ei gŵr, mae ar ben arno, ac mae cynllun dieflig y ddau yn troi’n gyflafan waedlyd. 

Cynhyrchiad safle-benodol Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru – yn fyw o Gastell Caerffili – o glasur Shakespeare wedi ei gyfieithu o’r newydd i’r Gymraeg gan y diweddar Gwyn Thomas.

Cast yn cynnwys Richard Lynch (Pobol y Cwm, Y Gwyll) fel Macbeth, a Ffion Dafis (Byw Celwydd, Rownd a Rownd) fel ei wraig ddi-drugaredd. Cyfarwyddwr: Arwel Gruffydd.

“... y mae pethau, Yn ddrwg ddechreuwyd, trwy ddrwg yn ymgryfhau.” 



Theatr Gen Byw

Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru in partnership with Cadw and with support from Chapter

“Fair is foul and foul is fair; Hover through the fog and filthy air.”

The King of Scotland has generously rewarded his brightest warrior. But supernatural beings have predicted for Macbeth a far greater honour. When his merciless wife is captivated by the promise of infinite power, fuelling her husband’s fiendish ambition, he is doomed, and their devilish plans turn to bloody massacre. 

Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru’s site-specific production – live from Caerphilly Castle – of Shakespeare’s brutal tragedy in a new Welsh translation by the late Gwyn Thomas.

Cast includes Richard Lynch (Pobol y Cwm, Hinterland) as Macbeth and Ffion Dafis (Byw Celwydd, Rownd a Rownd) as his merciless wife. Director: Arwel Gruffydd.

“Things bad begun make strong themselves by ill.”

30/03/2017 7:45 PM
Le Navet Bete
Dracula: The Bloody Truth

Thursday 27 April, 7.30pm

Tickets £14, Reductions £12 
Drama Pass is also applicable - The more dramas you book for the cheaper each one gets!

Hilarious, physical and totally accessible comedy theatre using creative and engaging storytelling. This brand new comedy theatre show will take you on a journey across Europe from the dark and sinister Transylvanian mountains to the awkwardly charming seaside town of Whitby. The frantic Van Helsing and his three amateur actors try to stage a life-changing, factual theatrical production of the events of Dracula, which promises to have the vampires back in the ground and leave you flying high.

One of the most popular street theatre acts at last year’s Big Splash festival in Newport, the company return with a full on comedy show. 

Age Guide 7+

27/04/2017 7:30 PM
DARK CORNERS (Recommended for ages 11+)

By Polarbear 

Tuesday 9th May at 10am & 7pm, Wednesday 10th May at 10am 
Tickets - £7 
Workshops will be held after the 10am performances

I'm messy.  

Always have been.  

Scattered ideas.  

Scribbled thoughts.  

My ideas aren't neat.  

My ideas laugh and argue.  

They shout and fight.  

And sometimes they hide.  

What happens when the past and the future collide?  

A new storytelling performance from Polarbear about the places in your brain where things hide and what happens when they come out to play.  

Polarbear, AKA Steve Camden, is one of the UK's most acclaimed spoken-word artists and is author of young adult novels Tape and It's About Love. Written and performed by Polarbear. Dramaturgy by Yael Shavit. Designed by Bethany Wells.  

A Battersea Arts Centre and Theatr Iolo co-production.

09/05/2017 to 10/05/2017
JANE EYRE: An Autobiography

Thursday 14th September at 7.30pm

Tickets - £13, concessions - £12, Earlybird - £10

Struggling to think, live and love beyond the stifling expectations of duty, class and convention, governess Jane Eyre and Master Edward Rochester take a dark journey towards sensual and intellectual liberation. Told through Jane’s eyes, English literature’s most celebrated autobiographical novel shocked the Victorians, and Charlotte Bronte’s gothic subversion of fairy-tale romance is now distilled for the stage – under its full title – by writer/director Elton Townend Jones. Performer Rebecca Vaughan embodies everywoman Jane – and several other characters – in this intimate study of love’s realities.

14/09/2017 7:30 PM