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Saturday 11 November at 7.30pm

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In 2014 5 people a day were euthanized in Belgium


5 A DAY is about our search for ‘a good death’ an end without pain, loneliness or fear. 

It is human nature to crave control where none seems available. But do we really know anything about the practise of euthanasia? Do we see that choice at the end as easy, a gentle fading out? Are we oblivious to the whole story preferring to believe the information that is being spoon fed to us?


Based on extensive research, interviews, personal and published accounts Nikki Kenward’s play asks tough questions about euthanasia. Who do we think has the so called ‘right to die’? The man with motor neurone? The woman with only months left to live?  The old lady scared half to death at the thought of going into care? Or should we follow Belgium and Holland and offer euthanasia to children or to young girls with anorexia or maybe those who aren’t sick or depressed but feel that they have a ‘completed life;’ all these are welcome at the buffet that really is the last supper, the last wave goodbye.


5 A DAY told in 5 short scenes is both touching, revealing and truly pertinent to all our lives. This is the big question, for living, for dying, the journey no-one can escape, signed and sealed, a death worse than fate could await us all.

Image used with kind permission of the artist, Klaus Enrique. ( 'Agony' ).

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