PRYD MAE'R HAF? (14+) Streamed Online

This performance will be streamed online | Bydd y perfformiad yn cael ei ffrydio'n fyw arlein

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20.05.21 (matinee)


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21.05.21 (English Captions)


Pryd Mae’r Haf?

gan Chloë Moss

Trosiad gan Gwawr Loader

Cynhyrchiad Criw Brwd a Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru mewn cydweithrediad â The Other Room a Theatr Soar.

“Bydde’n gwd. Ti a fi. New start.”

Mae Luke a Christie yn ffrindiau gorau sy’n joio gwersylla, yfed cans a siarad am Julie Bridges.  

Ond gyda’u dyddiau ysgol yn dod i ben a haf hir o’u blaenau, a fydd Luke, Christiea Julie yn dewis llwybrau gwahanol? A yw tyfu’n hŷn yn golygu tyfu ar wahân?

Mewn trosiad newydd i’r Gymraeg wedi’i osod yng nghymoedd y de ym 1989, dyma ddrama dyner am gyfeillgarwch, gobeithion ac ofnau pobl ifanc ym mhob oes.


Pryd Mae’r Haf? (Christmas is Miles Away)

by Chloë Moss

Translated by Gwawr Loader

A Criw Brwd and Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru production in association with The Other Room and Theatr Soar.

Luke and Christie are best mates who like to go camping, drink lager and talk about Julie Bridges.

But when they leave school and a long summer lies ahead, will Luke, Christie and Julie go their separate ways? Does growing up mean growing apart?

In a new Welsh-language translation set in the south Wales valleys in 1989, thisis a touching play about friendship and the hopes and fears of young people.

20/05/2021 to 21/05/2021
Digital Film Literacy Workshop (Ages 12-15) READING THE RAINBOW - via Zoom

Tuesday 15 June 5.30-7pm via Zoom focusing on the film 'The Half of It'

Thursday 22 June 5.30-7pm via Zoom focusing on the film 'Tom Boy'

Tuesday 29 June 5.30-7pm via Zoom focusing on TV and social media representation and information regarding film festivals and support


Suitable for participants aged 12 to 15 years. Places are free of charge but limited in capacity so advance  booking is advised.
Please select 'Delivery Method - Invite for online workshop'. You only need to book on the first session and you will be automatically allocated a place for all sessions.


Please ensure you have consent from your parent/guardian before booking, we will need an email address to send you the online invite to the workshops.


The project is an introduction to film literacy focused primarilyon LGBTQ+ representation in film and how or if it feels reflective of the groups experience and identity.


Participants will be given a selection of film titles, which can be watch individually or as a shared experience (facilitated by the project delivery team). During sessions we will discuss what we have watched as we explore LGBTQ+ representation in film and media. Discussion will focus on what are we have watched, what we think of it, was it real, was it a positive portrayal? How a character was portrayed- had the film maker created a cinematographic troupe or a well-rounded character? Is it similar to our lived experience? What cinematic device was used to influence the audience’s perception of the character.


Participants will also be encouraged to share interesting media representations they have come across via other platforms and debate the juxtaposition of the media and it’s representation. Participants will explore the under representation of LGBTQ+people both on screen and within the film industry.

The project will be underpinned with media safety as we explore how to support LGBTQ+ young people to stay safe online by highlighting resources like and

For further information please contact

15/06/2021 to 29/06/2021