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Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 March at 7.30pm
Tickets - £14, concessions - £12, 16 to 25 year olds - £5

Having toured the UK and America, winning multiple awards, this hugely successful family stage-show returns home as part of a European tour. 1909… in the shadow of Newport’s transporter bridge: Despite the hardship his family faces, a lowly dockworker's son, smitten by Harry Houdini, determines to emulate his hero and to follow a life of magic. His relentless ambition brings him face-to-face with the world’s greatest showman - and one of the most terrifying events in British industrial history. Is it possible to follow one’s dreams when reality weighs you down like mud? An enchanting story of childhood imagination, of the cynicism of adult life and of escape. A tale of hope and determination, packed with magic and wonder. A modern fairytale.
11/03/2020 to 12/03/2020
MICROWAVE (Age guide 15+)

Tuesday 17 – Friday 20 March at 7pm

Tickets - £12.25, 15 to 25 year olds - £5

Elinor Cook’s (Killing Eve, Series 3) Microwave is a new play which boldly explores the anxiety and awkward hilarity of academic and sexual pressures on teenage women as they try to carve out their own identity. The play is about the friendship between 15 year old Kelly, straight A student, girlfriend of the hottest boy in the school, captain of the lacrosse team and excelling in awide-range of extra-curricular activities, and Carly - who is homeless and earning money through prostitution. Their intense and immediate friendship, sparked on a park bench outside Kelly’s school, spurns both girls to try out different identities whilst grappling with who they are and what they want from their lives and relationships. Microwave poses a thought-provoking and compellingexploration of ‘how the other half live’ through the lens of teenage female friendship, whilst opening a wider discussion around how we educate and support teenage women in the 21st century.

17/03/2020 to 20/03/2020

Produced by Kick In The Head

Wednesday 1 April at 7.30pm

Tickets - £14.25, ages 16-25 - £5

Who was Fagin?

Was he the Fagin in Dickens' Oliver Twist?

Was he the Fagin in Oliver! the musical?

Was he based on a real-life character?

Join Fagin as he reviews his situation during his final night in prison before being hanged. As madness envelops him he is ‘visited’ by some old acquaintances.

Find out who he really was and how he ended up as one of the best known, yet unknown, of Dickens' characters.

“This powerful new play gives a fresh twist on Dicken’s criminal Fagin.” 

Think you know Fagin? Think again.

Fagin? -written and directed by Simon Downing.

 “All three actors in the roles of Fagin (Keith Hill), Bill (Giles Shenton) and Nancy (Georgia Butt) deliver impeccable performances. In the centre of it all, the audience is captivated by Fagin’s diverse, manipulative and complex character.”

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“It is apowerful piece of work….it deserves to become an eventual classic.

The set is simple, the themes (of love, greed, deception, betrayal, regret and retribution) universal, the subtle interplay between the three characters intense and the background (Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist) so familiar that this small masterpiece could well be a theatrical staple.” You would be a fool to yourself to miss it.”

Alton Herald

01/04/2020 19:30

Nos Iau 30 Ebril am 7pm

Doconnau - £12.25, £10

Pryd Mae’r Haf? 

(Christmas is Miles Away)

gan Chloë Moss

Trosiad gan Gwawr Loader

Cynhyrchiad Criw Brwd a Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru mewn cydweithrediad â The Other Room a Theatr Soar.

“Bydde’n gwd. Ti a fi. New start.”

Mae Luke a Christie yn ffrindiau gorau sy’n joio gwersylla, yfed cans a siarad am Julie Bridges.  

Ond gyda’u dyddiau ysgol yn dod i ben a haf hir o’u blaenau, a fydd Luke, Christiea Julie yn dewis llwybrau gwahanol? A yw tyfu’n hŷn yn golygu tyfu ar wahân?

Mewn trosiad newydd i’r Gymraeg wedi’i osod yng nghymoedd y de ym 1989, dyma ddrama dyner am gyfeillgarwch, gobeithion ac ofnau pobl ifanc ym mhob oes.


Pryd Mae’r Haf? 

(Christmas is Miles Away)

by Chloë Moss

Translated by Gwawr Loader

A Criw Brwd and Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru production in association with The Other Room and Theatr Soar.

Luke and Christie are best mates who like to go camping, drink lager and talk about Julie Bridges.

But when they leave school and a long summer lies ahead, will Luke, Christie and Julie go their separate ways? Does growing up mean growing apart?

In a new Welsh-language translation set in the south Wales valleys in 1989, thisis a touching play about friendship and the hopes and fears of young people.

30/04/2020 19:00

Wednesday 20 May at 7.45pm

Tickets - £13.25, concessions - £11.25


Featuring two unrehearsed performers who have never met, Celebration, Florida is a quietly surreal show for anyone who has ever missed anyone or anything. 

Veering between reality and simulation, Celebration, Florida orbits around ideas of surrogacy; a stand-in to replace a person you miss, a re-creation of an experience you can’t stop thinking about, nostalgia for a place that never existed.

Greg will speak to you through two performers using pre-recorded audio and headphones. They will know almost nothing about the show when they walk on stage.

“A moving tone poem on loss and retrieval” 

★★★★ Stewart Pringle, The Stage

“A work of great sensitivity written with enviable grace and poise”

Simon Bowes, After the Lights Fade

Commissioned by The Albany and developed at The Yard. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Greg Wohead is a writer, performer and live artist originally from Texas. He makes theatre per-formances, one-to-one pieces and audio works. His work has been seen at theatres and festi-vals in the UK, US and Europe.

20/05/2020 19:45