Show Information

Tuesday 7th March at 6.30pm

Tickets - £11, concessions - £9

This is a performance opportunity not to be missed. Our company is performing excerpts from the well-known fairy tale ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ incorporating a narrative and all popular forms of dance genres such as Jazz, Tap, Spanish, Street & Singing to name but a few.

There will also bea post-performance interactive workshop for our audience members at an additional cost- please refer to our booking form.


The Sleeping Beauty

“The court assembles for Princess Aurora's christening. The five fairies present their gifts. Carabosse, a fairy overlooked by the master of ceremonies, enters. Shecurses Aurora. The princess shall die on her 16th birthday, she says, after pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel.

The remaining seventh fairy the Lilac Fairy comes forward. She cannot put the curse to rest, but she can soften it. The Princess shall not die, she commands, but sleep one hundred years. At the end of that term, a prince will awaken her with true love's kiss”








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