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Casablanca (U)
Casablanca (U)

Friday 15 March at 1.30pm & 6pm

Saturday 16 March at 1.30pm & 6pm

All tickets - £4

Running time – 102 minutes

The world’s favourite Hollywood love story. Humphrey Bogart is at his best as Rick, an American opportunist in 1940 French Morocco with a gruffly cynical exterior that belies his wary idealism and wounded heart. Ingrid Bergman is luminous as Ilsa, who arrives in Casablanca with resistance leader Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid), but clearly has a history with Rick. Cynicism and self-interest contend with idealism and self-sacrifice as Rick and Ilsa’s past weighs against the world’s future.

Riverfront Studio
15/03/2019 13:30
Riverfront Studio
15/03/2019 18:00
Riverfront Studio
16/03/2019 13:30
Riverfront Studio
16/03/2019 18:00
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