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Don't Look Now (15)
Don't Look Now (15)

Monday 2 September at 7.45pm

Running time: 110 minutes

Director – Nicholas Roeg

Starring –Donald Sutherland, Julie Christie, Hilary Mason


The Man Who Fell to Earth director Nicholas Roeg crafted this spine-tingling chiller based on a story by Daphne Du Maurier in which everything might not be what it seems and memories can haunt as much as ghosts.
Art restorer John Baxter (Donald Sutherland) and his wife Laura (Julie Christie) are grieving their daughter's drowning. They visit Venice so John can work on restoring a chapel there, and two ominous women convince Laura their daughter is sending warnings from the other side. John remains skeptical, but he begins to fear he might be wrong - as the red hooded figure of a young girl begins appearing on the dark canals...
Venice has never been more disturbing than in this 1973 classic, now presented in 4K Digital.

Riverfront Studio
02/09/2019 19:45
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