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HATCH YOUTH THEATRE Group 1 (5-7 yrs)
HATCH YOUTH THEATRE Group 1 (5-7 yrs)

Wednesdays during term time from 4.30pm to 5.30pm

Tickets - £5

Hatch is a weekly youth theatre group run by Tin Shed Theatre Co, in Partnership with The Riverfront. During the sessions the children and young people will have the opportunity to investigate and explore skills in all elements of creation.

The sessions are focused on collaborative creation and aim to offer each participant the opportunity to curate their own experience. With visiting professional practitioners in a number of creative skill sets, Tin Shed aims to offer a fully rounded youth theatre that seeks to be led and curated by those taking part.

Sessions will focus on play, collective collaboration and a devised theatre and storytelling practice. We want to create a comfortable environment for children and young people to meet, interact and create together. As an open access provision, weaim to welcome participants from all abilities and backgrounds.

Those who attend Hatch will have the ability to meet likeminded individuals and explore acreative outlet. The groups are aimed at providing a safe space to explore without fear or judgement. Children and Young people in attendance almost always find a place to develop individually, gain confidence whilst forming lasting bonds and friendships.

Led by a professional theatre company and by leading creative practitioners, the children and young people are provided many opportunities to participate in professional productions and progress through the company. Tin Shed also pride themselves on offering advice to young people interested in exploring the creative industries professionally.


Previous Hatch participants have progressed to professional roles in the creative industries in performance, technical theatre, youth theatre leadership and more.


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