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JACK & THE BEANSTALK - Pantomime 2015/16

From Tuesday 1st December 2015 – Sunday 3rd January 2016

A Traditional family pantomime full of mystery, music and mayhem!
Pantomeim tradoddiadol i'r teulu, llawn dirgelwch, cerddoriaeth a llanast llwyr!

If you love to laugh, sing, hiss and boo then join us this Christmas for
a staggeringly funny, musical and adventurous new production of
Jack and the Beanstalk!

Richard Elis is Dylan the Daft who can't seem to get anything
right and causes comic chaos at every turn. Elin Llwyd is the lovely
Jill who sings like an angel and dances up a dream. Newport's own
dashing darling, Gareth Tempest returns as Jack, our fearless
adventurer who will face the dastardly Giant who lives at the top of
the beanstalk. The cast is completed by Simon Nock as a suitably
Dotty Dame Trott, whose costumes this year will wow and delight,
Patrick Marlowe as the one we all love to hate, Fleshcreep (oh yes we do!),
and Nerine Skinner as our magical Fairy...not forgetting the wonderful
ensemble dancers and school children who add the final magical
ingredients for a memorable, traditional family panto.

Tickets from £6 - £18

School performances from Wed. 2nd Dec - Thur. 17th Dec at 10am, 12.30pm or 2pm, please call 01633 656679 for exact dates, times and availability.

Jack & TheBeanstalk contains flashing lights, loudmusic, loud bangs, strobe lighting, water and smoke.

The prices for Jack & The Beanstalk vary depending on which date and time you come along to see the performance, and where you sit in the auditorium. So here's a break down to make things a little easier when you're booking your tickets...

performances Tuesday 1stDec. at 7pm & Thursday 3rd Dec. at 7pm, ALL TICKETS £6 EACH (no further discounts are available).

PEAK performances RED SEATS are £18 full, £16 concessions, Family Tickets (2 adults, 2 children) are £58, YELLOW SEATS are £15.50 full, £13.50 concessions, Family Tickets (2 adults, 2children) are £50, BLUE SEATS are all £11.50

OFF PEAK performances RED SEATS are £16.50 full, £14.50 concessions, Family Tickets (2 adults, 2 children) are £52, YELLOW SEATS are £14 full, £12 concessions, Family Tickets (2 adults, 2children) are £46, BLUE SEATS are all £10.50

Please note: Concessions and discounts may be selected either on the seating plan or on the MY TICKETS page. When booking a family ticket, please select twoadult and two children at either stage and the discount will be applied in the basket.

Key for Jack & The Beanstalk

Schools – Green

Christmas Cracker – Purple

Peak – Blue

Off-Peak - Red

Click the blue ‘Book Now’ button above to choose your seats.

Tues. 1/12                                                                                           7pm

Wed. 2/12                           10am                     2pm                      

Thur. 3/12                           11.30am                                               7pm

Fri. 4/12                                10am                     2pm

Sat. 5/12                                                              1.30pm                 5pm

Mon. 7/12                           10am                     2pm

Tue. 8/12                             10am                     2pm

Wed. 9/12                                                           12.30pm               7pm

Thur. 10/12                         10am                     2pm

Fri.11/12                              10am                     2pm

Sat. 12/12                                                            1.30pm                 5pm

Mon. 14/12                         10am                     2pm

Tue. 15/12                           10am                     2pm

Wed. 16/12                                                         12.30pm               7pm

Thur. 17/12                         10am                     2pm

Sat. 19/12                                                            1.30pm                 5pm

Sun. 20/12                                                           1.30pm                 5pm

Mon. 21/12                                                         1.30pm                 5pm      

Tue. 22/12                                                           1.30pm                 5pm

Wed. 23/12                                                         1.30pm                 5pm

Thur. 24/12                                                         1.30pm                 5pm

Sat. 26/12                                                            1.30pm                 5pm

Sun. 27/12                                                           1.30pm                 5pm

Mon. 28/12                                                         1.30pm                 5pm

Tue. 29/12                                                           1.30pm                 5pm

Wed. 30/12                                                         1.30pm                 5pm

Thur. 31/12                                                         1.30pm                 5pm

Sat. 2/01                                                              1.30pm                 5pm

Sun. 3/01                                                             1.30pm                 5pm      


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