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La Dolce Vita (15)
La Dolce Vita (15)

Thursday 13 February at 1.30pm & 7pm (the early start is due to the running time)

Running time: 173 minutes, in Italian with English subtitles

Director – Federico Fellini

Gossip columnist and would-be serious writer Marcello (Mastroianni), is caught in the morass of decadent Roman society in which he amorally wanders in search of himself. Perhaps Fellini’s most famous film, its notorious set-pieces (a vast statue ofChrist is flown over Rome; Marcello and a bored heiress pick up a prostitutefor a ménage-å-trois; Nadia Gray hosts an orgy at which she performs animmortal striptease; Anita Ekberg takes a dip in the Trevi Fountain) may have lost their capacity to shock, but the imaginative brilliance and wit of their construction is clearly evident.

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