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Ordinary Love (12A)
Ordinary Love (12A)

Tuesday 4 February at 7.45pm
Wednesday 5 February at 4pm & 7.45pm

Running time: 94 minutes

Director – Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn

Starring – Liam Neeson, Lesley Manville

'Ordinary Love' is a moving ode to the power of lovein the face of life-changing news. Married couple Joan and Tom have been together for many years, with a daily routine and easy familiarity to their interactions that evokes intense tenderness and mild frustration in equal measure. Mapped out across their household interactions and daily habits, their life seems mundanely content, until Joan receives her breast cancer diagnosis. Across the course of her treatment, the couple share new challenges, as Joan battles with her own glass-half-empty perspective on her illness and they both face a collective search for the humour and endurance to help her survive.

Riverfront Studio
04/02/2020 19:45
Riverfront Studio
05/02/2020 16:00
Riverfront Studio
05/02/2020 19:45
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