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Scratch Club Beginner Level 1 (Ages 9-11)
Scratch Club Beginner Level 1 (Ages 9-11)

Saturdays from 21 May, make sure you book on the correct age group, sessions last one hour

Weekly price - £4

So you wanna be a Scratch DJ?

Scratch Club is an eleven week challenge, where each lesson, you must master a new scratch technique to advance to the next level. Culminating in a final performance, where you prove you have the skills to be accepted as a member of Scratch Club. 

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a scratch master? 

Make it happen! Sign up today. 



The first rule of Scratch Club:  Tell everyone about Scratch Club.

The second rule of Scratch Club: You MUST tell everyone about Scratch Club. 

A friendly relaxed session where you will learn all of the skills to be a scratch Dj


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