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Sister (15) WOW Film Festival
Sister (15) WOW Film Festival

Wednesday 11 March at 8pm

Tickets - £4.50, WOW season pass - £16


Director: Svetla Tsotsorkova

Starring: Monika Naydenova, Svetlana Yancheva, Elena Zamyarkova

Bulgaria/Qatar, 2019, 1 hour 37 minutes, subtitles

Strikingly composed, this tense, emotionally charged tale confirms the talented Tsotsorkova’s distinctive story-telling approach and clear focus on female relationships. In small town Bulgaria a single mum struggles to raise two feisty girls. All three work together in a roadside pottery business, but each has secrets of their own. As in her first feature Thirst (WOW 2016) Tsotsorkova grounds her story in the everyday, showing the formative influence of work and family, while subtly revealing the powerful emotional undercurrents that lie beneath. Once again the story is driven by a powerhouse performance from the remarkable Monika Naydenova as Rayna, the mouthy teenager with an overactive imagination.


“a dizzying helter-skelter in which social portrait, psychological thriller and melodrama go hand in hand.” Cineuropa


“‘a confession of love to those who live such seemingly unremarkable lives. It seems to me that we all owe a debt to the truth about the kind of world we live in” Svetla Tsotsorkova


Winner New Directors Award San Sebastian Film Festival 2019

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