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Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid & Wonders of the Universe

Thursday 25th February at 7.45pm

Tickets - £7.50


Tentacle Tribe: Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid.
Tentacle Tribe is a Canadian-Swedish alliance between Emmanuelle Lê Phan (aka B-Girl Cleopatra) and Elon Höglund (aka Wandering Spirit). The piece is a superb duet; a sophisticated and thoughtful rendition of an idea about the behaviour of sea creatures using complex movement structures to create everything from captivating fluidity to complete stillness. Both are highly skilled performers, having appeared with companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Bboyizm Dance Company and Rubberbandance Group. 

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Karol Cysewski: Wonders of the Universe
‘Wonders of the Universe’ is a humorous and intelligent dance piece for three male dancers. Inspired by the Brian Cox documentary with the same title, it is a multi layered and funny work that makes you wonder about tiny things, human sized things and things the size of the universe. It was originally performed by Karol Cysewski (NDC Wales,Taikabox), Gwyn Emberton and Drew Hawkins and was very well received, gaining excellent reviews at the Edinburgh Festival including 4 stars from Guardian critic Judith Mackrell.

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